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This Is Where It Ends: A Book Analysis

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Essay Preview: This Is Where It Ends: A Book Analysis

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Analysis of A Novel

Title: This Is Where It Ends

Author: Marieke Nijkamp

Date Published: January, 2016

I. Characterization

A. Main Characters:

Claire - Tyler’s ex-girlfriend, track star

Tyler - Antagonist

Tomas - Sylvia’s fraternal sister

Sylvia - Tomas’ fraternal sister

Autumn - ballerina, Tyler’s sister, and Sylvia’s girlfriend

II. Setting

A. Physical Setting

Opportunity High, Opportunity, Alabama

B. Social Setting

Classrooms, School Auditorium, Office, Track field, School parking lot

III. Plot

A. Major Conflict

At 10am,the principal of Opportunity High School finishes her speech, welcoming the entire student body to a new semester and encouraging them to excel and achieve. At 10:02am, the students get up to attend their next class. At 10:03am the auditorium doors won’t open. At 10:05am someone starts shooting.

B. Climax

One day all the students and teachers meet in the auditorium for a school assembly. When all of a sudden, the doors to the auditorium close and lock, leaving everyone inside confused and scared. A guy by the name of Tyler shows up, he is angry and wants revenge. So he starts to shoot. Tyler causes fear and remorse upon the hundreds of people trapped inside of the auditorium. While Tyler continues his rampage, Claire and Chris hear the gunshots and are outside trying to help in their own way, fearful for their family and friends lives. Meanwhile Tomás and Fareed are inside also trying to save their fellow students and teachers in anyway possible. Tyler is shooting and killing many students and teachers, while his sister, Autumn is among them. Tyler is fuming with anger towards Autumn and her former girlfriend Sylvia (Sylv) who is also Tyler's ex girlfriend. Tyler is very depressed and feels as if everyone he had ever loved is up against him. eventually the police come and the SWAT team surround the high school.



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