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This Child of Mine

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One of the most precious things in life is a child. They can make you soar or they can make you scream. My son, Gage, is the light of my life. He is my one true love. He is what I live for, and he is the only thing I would die for. Everything about my son, from the hair on top of his head, to the dirt between his toes, inside and out, is the ultimate masterpiece of any artist.

Gage is the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes upon. His hair is the color of the wheat fields in autumn, and it is so soft that it dances in the wind like prairie grass. When I look into his eyes I see the ocean. They are so blue and so full of life. When he looks into mine, there in his eyes exists a sparkle so strong that the brightest star would have no contest. This child of mine has a smile so huge I can't help but to smile back. When he puts his arms around me I can feel his muscles straining into the world's greatest bear hug. Gage's hands may be small, but they are the perfect fit for mine.

Though his legs may be skinny and long, they carry him through a game of tag as quickly as a pack of wolves on the plains. When he steps in the mud with no shoes or socks, the footprints he leaves behind still remind me of the ones on his birth certificate. He must have the smallest feet of any six year old. My favorite part about him would be his toes. They are small little nubs on the end of his feet. They don't even look like toes; they look like the smallest sausages in the world. When his feet are dirty, the dirt gets stuck in the grooves of the skin between his toes and it looks like a miniature road map to nowhere.

Even more beautiful than his looks is his personality. Within that tiny little head of his, lies a world of wonder. Gage is a never ending supply of love. No matter who comes into his life, he is a friend to all. He may not have a love of creativity, but he sure does love animals. If I allowed it, he would turn the house into a zoo. His all time favorite animal is dinosaurs. I think he is going to be a "dinosaur man", as he likes to put it, when he grows up. Gage is the most friendly kid that I have ever known. He will talk to anyone that crosses his path. Sometimes he can be so stubborn. For the most part, Gage will listen when I tell him to do something, like clean his room. But like all children, he has those days when he will not listen no matter what you say or



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