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Child Development

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Child Development 125


Q: When did you give birth to your child?

Adriana: "July 19, 2000"

Karen: "February 10, 1971"

Q: Describe the type of information you received about what to expect during childbirth.

Adriana: "My doctor was very helpful with questions and answers, but Phil and I also took Lamaz classes, childbirthing classes, breastfeeding and nutrition classes and parenting classes."

Karen: "My doctor put me in a room, by myself and I watched a video of a woman giving birth. That was it."

Q: Describe the prenatal care received.

Adriana: "I had about ten total visits. I received information on breastfeeding, was tested for diabetes and RH- blood, which I had so I received a shot for that. I had both an ultrasound and a sonogram."

Karen: "I didn't have an ultrasound or sonogram. At first I was spotting so I visited my doctor once a week and received hormone shots. After the first three months I saw him once a month. The exams included a vaginal and checking my weight and blood pressure."

Q: Where did you deliver and why?

Adriana: "we chose Scripps Mercy because it is in our village and because it didn't feel so much like a hospital, it was more like a hotel room. Also because the people were friendly and it wasn't crowded."

Karen: "Sharps Hospital. That is where, out of the two places he delivered, my doctor suggested because Children's was next door just in case complications occurred."

Q; Explain whether your husband was present during labor and delivery. Why or why not? What was his role?

Adriana: "Yes he was there during everything because he wouldn't have had it any other way. He was the Lamaz coach."

Karen: "He had no role in the labor but was there. During the delivery he left the room because he didn't want to stay."

Q: Describe the type of anesthesia used during labor. Did you have a choice?

Adriana: "An epideral and morphine. At about six months a birth plan was written and options were given and at first I didn't want anything but complications arose during labor and I just wanted the pain to stop."

Karen: "Nothing was given to me until twenty minutes before you were born and I had no choice."

Q: By what method was your baby delivered? Were there any problems?

Adriana: "By caesarean. Yes there were problems. I needed a shot for RH- blood so I wouldn't poison



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