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The Power of Information

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In such a challenging environment of globalization and technological revolutions, organizations have to be proactive rather than reacting to changing situations. Everything should be expected and its results pre-estimated. However, for those estimations to be the most precise, the appropriate information is needed to be communicated to the right person, and at the right moment, which will enable the organization to hit the point and save the involved resources, mainly time. And since time is money, we can also say that “information is money”. But not any information!

Taking as an example a government offer for a certain contract. The wisest company will get a consultant who can insure to them which price to bid at, not only because he or she has acquired a certain knowledge from their experience, but also because they have their special sources of information, though it is sometimes an unethical act. Another example is the stoke exchange, where traders need to be aware of the latest news around the world, the different factors affecting the prices of the shares either directly or indirectly, BUT “at the right time”. Taking the Egyptian common proverb: “Today’s costly news, will tomorrow be for free”, which means that once the information is known to the public, it is worthless. While, when you are the only one who knows about it, it can be a very precious weapon, if analyzed and directed properly.

Market researches and surveys enable companies to gather enough information about their customers, competitors, potential niches…etc. That helps them improving their performance, insuring customers’ satisfaction, and thus gaining their loyalty. But above all, it might enable them to gain a competitive advantage in their field. For instance, knowing the weaknesses of your competitor’s can be an opportunity to kick their ass…

Furthermore, as we consider the press as the fourth power, some companies in this field can make a really good money from selling some “fresh information”, denouncing secret plots, influencing the reputation of big companies, the decisions of presidents, or simply the public opinion, and that can be the most dangerous effect. Indeed, like with authority, the power held



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