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The Net (movie Review)

Essay by review  •  May 28, 2011  •  Book/Movie Report  •  324 Words (2 Pages)  •  584 Views

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In just a click, your whole identity might just be blown away and you'll be out of nowhere that is with the use of computers. Computers are not our enemies actually. It helps our work loads lighten. It can store any information we want. However, as the movie entitled "The Net presented, there are also a number of disadvantages that computers brought to us. Files might be erased, lost, or replaced due to the brilliant minds of people hacking the net. Securities are used but for some reasons hackers can just enter to any site they want without the sweat of deleting and replacing files which only the persons who are authorized can do such.

Angela Bennett, the main character of this movie, is of itself a hacker. But my point here is not that. There are friendly hackers too and so, as unfriendly hackers. To illustrate, unfriendly hackers in the movie disrupts the stock exchange, the airplanes, the banks and even the police files even coming to the point of changing Angela's name to Ruth Marx which got her big trouble with the law by numerous crimes they entered into her personal information. Angela, who is a smart woman, at the end still ended up as the winner. It is pleasant to see the virus which melts all the files in the stored in the web which freed Angela Bennett again.

The movie opened our eyes how dangerous it is to rely solely to computers. However, it is the fastest and the most convenient way of doing work nowadays. With the latest trend, generations from generations get their job done through clicking even ordering pizza! #61514; Angela did that in the movie, right? Even communications to various net users are so easy. Dating, getting to know each others likes and dislikes is just a click away. We are now in the Age of Information. Everything about us was stored in the complex world of internet.



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