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Mimic - Movie Review

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In the movie, Mimic, the setting is dark and gloomy, which is perfect for a science fiction, horror film. The movie takes place deep in the subway and beneath underground of New York City. The story begins with children dying from a disease suspected of being carried by cockroaches. Susan Tyler, an entomologist, creates a killer cockroach to go in and kill off the infected ones. The killer cockroach is supposed to only live for 6 months. This works and everyone praises Susan for saving the world.

However, a few manage to survive and they breed and evolve into a giant kind of man-cockroach creature. They begin to setup a colony and kill humans. The creatures in the movie look very realistic, right along with their secretions and oozings. The name, Mimic, is suited to the plot because they imitate man in that they have lungs, mutated faces to look like men, and stand tall and walk about like humans so they move around without suspicion.

A war of survival erupts underground between these creatures and the four heroes, Susan, Peter (Susan's husband and director for the Center for Diseases Control), the subway cop, and a concerned grandfather. The humans become trapped and must fight them down there. You can usually tell when something bad is going to happen because the music gets faster and more intense. I think the director did a good job with creating the atmosphere, a dark, underground and cold place with drippings from the walls. Also, the menacing noises made by the creatures just before they attacked. The best scene I liked was when Peter was surrounded by a bunch of these monsters and blew their colony up by cutting into the gas lines and lighting it up. There was also the suspense about whether Peter had survived the blast or not. I liked this movie and the plot kind of reminded me of another movie I saw, Aliens. I would recommend this movie for people who like horror/science fiction movies.



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