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Scarface Movie Review

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Essay Preview: Scarface Movie Review

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This film revolves around the world of an immigrant from Cuba by the name of Antonio "Tony" Montana. Along with his very close friend Manolo "Manny", their goal is to live the American dream, which is to leave Cuba, relocate to America and become filthy rich. Tony's mother and sister Gina are already in the States and currently residing in the state of Florida, where he plans to go and reunite with them. He eventually does and introduces Manny to the family. Right away Manny seems interested but keeps it to himself. They ultimately fulfill their goal, through organized crime, and are spoiled with wealth from an absurd steady income.

Over time, Manny's feelings for Gina increase but he doesn't want Tony to find out because of Tony's protective state over his younger sister, also for his respect towards the family. Tony is the type of older brother that is bred on tradition and feels that Gina should not be dating until she is ready to marry, but Gina grew up in the States and is raised beyond tradition, therefore becoming defiant towards Tony and their mother.

One distinct evening, Tony and Manny head for the Babylon club, a well-known formal place where they and many famous people usually go. Unexpectedly, Tony finds Gina in the club dancing with someone he does not know. Then he catches them in the men's restroom making out. Tony becomes furious and creates a scene in the club beating Gina in the restroom, after he deliberately instructed her not to go. This is just one of many incidents that occurred in the film.

In time, Manny and Gina were growing more and more attached to each other and started dating secretly without anybody knowing. A few months go by and they have decided to get married, so they did without the approval of Tony and their mother. The couple's initial plan was to surprise Tony the following day of their wedding. Tony suddenly shows up at the newlyweds' new home where the couple was about to spend their honeymoon. Manny answers the door in his bathrobe excited to tell Tony the good news. Suddenly he sees Gina in the foreground in her bathrobe, immediately Tony pulls out his nine millimeter hand gun and shoots Manny, his long time friend, in the chest. Gina dashes up to Tony crying hysterically, explaining the surprise they had planned. Manny dies instantly and Tony is speechless,



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