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The Most Dangerous Game

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The Most Dangerous Game

In my opinion The Most Dangerous Game is a very interesting and suspenseful novel. The novel, first published in 1925, was made into a movie in 1932. Many critics consider The Most Dangerous Game one of Connell's masterpieces.

When asked when he first began to write Richard couldn't remember a time that when he didn't write. In his early years Connell covered the sports section in his local newspaper, and later became the paper's city editor. The Most Dangerous Game is only one of Connell's many short stories. He also wrote novels and movie screen plays.

I considered The Most Dangerous Game rather enjoyable due to all the suspense and elaborate story lines. I also thought the theme was rather unique. The book begins win a international hunter, named Rainsford, falls off his yacht and is stranded on a strange uncharted island. Upon further investigation he finds out that there is a larger mansion on the island. He knocks on the door and meets a army general, who is also a hunter. The general is a little different, he doesn't hunt animals, he hunts people. Rainsford later learns the general wants him to be the prey. The General says he will hunt Rainsford for three days. If Rainsford can out smart or kill him he will be allowed to return home. He gives Rainsford a knife and sends him out into the jungle on the island. Rainsford has to use his wit and a little luck to survive the three days.

This is one of the more interesting books that I have read. It not only has a very captivating story line, it also seems like something that could possibly happen. I would strongly suggest the novel to any body with a liking for an adventure filled novel.



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