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The Most Dangerous Game Should Stay

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The Most Dangerous Game Should Stay

"A recent study by a group that monitors media consumption estimated that 90% of U.S. Households with children have rented or owned a video or computer game, and kids average twenty minutes per day playing video games. An estimated 145 million Americans, play video games on a regular basis. More than 80% of best selling video games contain violent content." Out of 145million players, 1 player performed an accident sadly leaving another young boy dead and blames his actions on The Most Dangerous Game video game and live action war game. Now Congress is considering banning all the The Most Dangerous Game films, video games, and products because one boy was accidentally killed during a paintball version of the movie. Congress should not force censorship on The Most Dangerous Game video, video games, and book.

The Most Dangerous Game and its products should not be censored by congress. There is not enough evidence that violent games and movies result in aggressive behavior. The Global Journal of Research found

"No differences in measures of aggressive thoughts were found for 52 3rd and 4th graders who played Mortal Kombat versus a basketball sim."

This study proves that violent video games don't result in aggressive behavior. Concluding that The Most Dangerous Game video game could not have been the reason that cost a young boy his life. Therefore the only reasonable expansion is that the boy was violent before he began playing video games. Children know the difference between the rules in their video games and rules in the real world.

"For children, computer games are in fact 'games' with their own rules. From an early age, they are aware that these rules do not apply outside the realm of the game..."

Says social psychologist Sorensen and Jessed. Children know when they are playing video games that it is a total different world with rules of its own. They know better to reenact any violence seen in a game or video. People need The Most Dangerous Game video games, book, film, and live action game because they help us to build many skills. They are also a very popular form of entertainment. Here is a line from The Most Dangerous Game when Rainsford can hear the General coming and is deciding what to do.

"Rainsford knew he could do one of two things. He could



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