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Video Game Violence Starter

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Video Game Violence

Admiring the smooth barrel and full clip of bullets in his Sig model 552 Commando, Landros sat near the limestone corner listening to the footsteps and gunfire down the next hallway. Making sure not to be caught off guard by a lone commando, he set down a few claymore mines in the corridor behind him. Listening to the screams of both Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist clicked something in his mind... Time to clean up!

Sprinting around the corner, two Terrorist bodies lay with their death weapons sprawled about. Three Counter-Terrorists were left alive but two terrorists down the hall were making a stand off with pistols.

"This could be a movie." He thought to himself.

Hauling past the lead filled crates and two dead bodies, he stop and braced himself for the explosive recoil of his deadly tool. Shell casings littered the hallway like marbles in a kids movie, making it extremely hard to walk. The first Counter-Terrorist, or CT, took three pierces from the 5.56 millimeter bullets then dropped to the floor. The middle CT did not notice his comrade drop because he was too far ahead, the one reloading his Colt M4A1 behind a crate however did and began to fumble the clip, he was quickly exterminated of. The remaining Counter-Terrorist emptied his clip and took cover from the returning 50 calibers. Sensing his comrades had either left him or died, the latter being the most likely, loaded his Steyr AUG like a lightning bolt. Being fixated on the gun, he completely forgot about Landros standing upon the crate waiting to see the whites of his eyes.

Like a badly timed black and white taking bullets from a LA gang fight, the map changes and the chance to take exact revenge is lost. But not for long.

Your probably wondering how a Map change happens in a gun fight between Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist and how the Terrorist was able to acquire a Sig Model 522 "Commando" and Army issue Claymore mines. Well in the world of First Person Shooters (or Half-Life MOD Counter-Strike specifically) these are items that are readily available to the user with the required amount of credits.

Welcome to the World of Gaming.

April 20th, 1999. Several small explosions rocked the entrance and surrounding area of



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