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The Lord of the Flies

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Essay Preview: The Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies

Summer Reading

Jacob Linley

Question One


        When I began the book I belived it wwas only a matter of time before everyone died. I thought that there was no way a group of young boys could survive for any length of time. If they did surviove for long conflict would be enevitable between the young boys. Ralf asserted himself as the leader and was later voted into this position. Jack made it very clear that he had a very type A personality and wished to be the leader. I was personaly quite pleasantly surprised when the boys began to meat basic survival needs. In some cases they even seemed to thrive on the island in comparison to what was expected. The ammount of savagery the boys possess caught me off guard. To be boys that young I would have thought thoses levels of cruelty and intolerance twards others to be absurd. Throughout the book the boys barbaric actions increassed in frequency and intensity. In my opinion this dbook is not very realistic. At such young ages boys would not have the instincts or problem solving skills to survive out on a deserted island. To me the book would have been more realistic if the boys were older, or if they had an adult to lead them. Though the part of the novel where the boys became uncivilized witch is    understandable since they were separated from civilation. That alone coukd carse people to do unspeakable things they would have never considered. In total I enjoyed the book hat was unrealistic but had notes of realistic things.

Question Two

        For question two I choses to write about my favorite character, Piggy. The reason I liked him was that he is an underdog. I had empathy for him because he was bullied and undervalued. They mistreated him because of his physical challenges that no one else faced like: asthma, poor eyesight, and being overweight. He had many good ideas and valid points that were disregarded because they came from him. Though he may not have been much help on the physical labor front he tried to help in any way possible. The biggest contribution from Piggy was the lighting of the fire with his spectacles. Without Piggy they would have had a really hard time with the fire. The largest flaw Piggy had was he held on to society and didn’t embrace the island. He was too caught up in the lack of grownups and the way things ought to be. My hatred of jack greatly grew when he punched Piggy in the stomach on top of the mountain. The way the boys chastised, demeaned, and disregarded his ideas made me feel bad for him. When Piggy was crushed by the boulder it surprised and saddened me. Despite Piggy’s short comings he was my favorite. He was entertaining, easy to sympathize with, and was just easy to root for.



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