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Lord of the Flies Essay

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The book, Lord of the Flys, can be interpreted in many different ways.

Depending on the point of view of the reader, William Golding has opinions on man and

society. Golding is inaccurate for making the assumption that all people are born with

evil within them and are not affected by their surroundings.

In the book, the author uses a being called "the beast" to simulate the fear and evil

people have inside. The boys on the island apparently see a beast in the forest, which

scares them and gives them nightmares. Phil says at a meeting, "Last night I had a

dream, a horrid dream, fighting with things. I was outside the shelter by myself, fighting

with things, those twisty things in the trees." Phil had heard things about he beast from

other boys, which caused him to have the nightmare. He is a young boy, on an island

with no supervision and is afraid of what's is happening to him and where he is.

Without thoughts of the beast, provoked from the other boys, Phil would never have

experienced this nightmare. Not only the thoughts that the boys think affect them, but the

things they see cause them to have evil intentions.

Golding used a pig's head on a stick called " the lord of the flys " as another

animation to substitute the thoughts of evil and fear within the boys. Seeing the head

causes Simon to have hallucinations of this head talking to him. The Lord of the Flys

says "

." After hearing this, Simon returns to



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