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The Lord of the Flies Essay

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The Lord of the Flies Essay

In The Lord of the Flies, the three main character all have different characteristics and temperaments. Ralph shows the Guardian temperament, Jack has the characteristics of the Artisan temperament, and Piggy has the Realist temperament. This is important to the novel because it plays reason why everything ended up breaking apart on the island.

Ralph is the nearest to being the Guardian in the story. Throughout the book, Ralph wants to be the one is charge and the one that Jack also respects. Most Guardians want to have membership and belonging as well. Guardians are also negative about the future, Ralph has is moments of when he does not think he is going to be rescued and gets depressed. A major difference about Ralph and his Guardian temperament is that he has many times when he feels he is not respected by the other boys. Guardians are supposed to have a lot of confidence with themselves because they are respected.

The Artisan in this story is most likely Jack. Artisans are proud of themselves because they are graceful in action, and Jack has a huge ego because he is a skilled hunter or at least thinks so. Jack is a live in the moment now, or fly by the seat of your pants character he is just worried about now and not the past or future. The major difference is that Jack's objectives on the islands are not normally the smartest things to do, he just does what he thinks he sound do now or wants to do.

Piggy is the Realist in The Lord of the Flies. Piggy is confident in himself because he knows he is smart and has a lot of wit and back at home Piggy always got his way. Realists seem to always have a quest to search in further truth and knowledge. A major difference between Piggy and a Realist is when it comes to the future. Piggy is, most of the time, hopeful about being rescued someday. Most Realists are negative when dealing with the future.

When you put these very different temperaments on one island you can see how disaster is going to happen. Jack the Artisan and Ralph the Guardian right from the start had a problem with each other, and with both of them being leader type role models on the island you can see how that is going to cause problems. Then there is Piggy who is smart and uses intelligence and wit, and mixing that with Jack and his temperament there is going to conflict in there. So



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