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Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies


Ralph was a leader and had a good heart throughout the novel. He took action as soon as he set foot on the island. He believed in democracy instead of dictatorship when he decided to take a vote to choose who would be leader instead of appointing himself to be the leader without the consent of the other castaways. His leadership, cleverness and quick thinking made him a remarkable leader.

Firstly, Ralph's leadership was important because he organized everything right after he was elected. That shows that he knew what he was doing. He established an organized way of communication with the conch. Ralph was assertive when he spoke like when he said, "No. We're having a meeting. Come join in." He was also a fair and just leader like when he won the election and he saw that Jack was upset he said "The choir belongs to you, of course" and "Jack's in charge of the choir. They can be--what do you want them to be?" He knew his role and did what had to be done.

Secondly, Ralph's cleverness protected them. Ralph was a thinker he thought of ways to improve the conditions on the island. "There's another thing. We can help them to find us. If a ship comes near the island they may not notice us. So we must make smoke on top of the mountain. We must make a fire!" this type of cleverness shows that he is thinking maturely and wanting to be rescued like an adult instead of thinking like a normal 12 year old and just wanting to playing games. He also wanted to keep track of everyone so he told Piggy to get names, "Piggy get the names of all the boys."

Lastly, Ralph was a quick thinker when everybody was against him. He made quick and decisive decisions when it really mattered. He thought everything through, even aloud "Think," when he executed his decisions. When he was evading the savages he used hit and run tactics, which helped diminish his opposition. He even found a hiding place that he saw fit to hide in after he rationalized how effective it would be. All of his actions proves that he is a quick thinker and capable of surviving against the odds with his mind.

In conclusion, Ralph had good leadership, cleverness, and quick thinking in



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