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The Hunger Games Vs 1984

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The Hunger Games V.S 1984

While The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and 1984 by George Orwell are separate books, they both share a lot of similarities such as a totalitarian government. While both books share a government type the books handle the way they govern in separate ways. Each book has different ways of governing employment, how the peace is kept, consequences if you disobey, and love and relationships. Both books have a broken government, however The Hunger Games dictates their government in a more powerful way.

In 1984 the citizens worked several hours a day above the average amount. As Stated in 1984 Winston worked several days in a row during hate week. While they had worked for several hours they same goes for the people in Panem. The citizens of Panem go to work and when they go home they are home to sleep and

As stated by Suzanne Collins, when you are twelve you are entered into the hunger games. Every year after that you are entered one more time. However if you wish you may enter more times in hope of getting extra food after the games. In the The Hunger Games there are peace guards, they have full masks and body suits. Every year there is a reaping where one young man and woman is chosen to the hunger games. Before the reaping a video plays showing what the world was like and why they do the games. Like 1984 they work the people for long hours to reduce the amount of free time that the citizens have. In 1984 they show a video every day during the "two minuets of of hate." In the video they show their enemy East Asia or Eurasia at war and their "symbol" Goldstein. Goldstein is a traitor from Eurasia and is the main focus of the two minutes of hate. In every room and building there is a telescreen. The telescreen not only projects shows all day but they also watch the people at all hours of the day. Although both books keep the peace in separate ways The Hunger Games controls their people better with their constant fear of being hurt. (Collins)

As stated in 1984 "the consequences of every act are included in the act itself." In 1984 if you disobey then you disappear. After disappearing you are taken to the ministry of love, were you are tortured until you confess of you crimes and they can "change" your mind into believing in big brother. While in The Hunger Games you are killed right



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