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Beowulf and Hunger Games

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Essay Preview: Beowulf and Hunger Games

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Both 'Beowulf', written by Seamus Heaney, and 'The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins, both have a clear heroic figure that stands out from the plot. Both of these heroes demonstrate all of the heroic characteristics you would expect, they are noble, courageous and loyal. Beowulf is a Scandinavian warrior that has slayed many a monster, from demons to dragons he ultimately prevails in battle against them all and shows the reader exactly why he is referred to as an 'ultimate hero'. Katniss out of Suzanne Collins' novel is a young girl that takes the place of her younger sister to go into a televised game show to fight until the death for the right to return home and continue to provide for her family, the fact she will do anything to protect and provide for her family emphasises the point to the reader that she is a true heroic figure.

Beowulf first appears in the novel when he is called to save the village of Heorot from an evil demon name Grendel, his noble status know across the land quickly becomes imminent, it says, 'Beowulf, my friend, you have travelled here to favour us with help and to fight for us'. Instantly King Hrothgar considers Beowulf as his 'friend' because he recognises the bravery he possesses to travel across the seas to protect his people and village from the demon. Also, he recognises his loyalty by saying 'favour us with help', this shows that Beowulf willingly provides his services to help save the people of Heorot and expects very little in return. All of these characteristics that Beowulf shows instantly to King Hrothgar and his people simply underline his heroic status that is know right across the land.

Katniss makes her appearance in Suzanne Collins' 'Hunger Games' novel when she goes into forbidden territory and into the woods just to find food for her younger sister. The fact she crosses into 'forbidden territory' shows a huge amount of courage, also the fact that she is risking her well-being just for the good of her younger sister shows her true heroic side. The reason that Suzanne Collins does this is because it shows the reader straight away who the protagonist of the novel is, it's important that the writer does this because it helps the reader try to relate with the character and really start to understand their role in the novel.

Throughout the novel, Beowulf is represented as a perfect warrior and a perfect



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