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The Day My Life Changed Dramatically

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Essay Preview: The Day My Life Changed Dramatically

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The Day My Life Changed Dramatically!

"Who the hell is calling my house at a time like this? Are they stupid?" My mom had been in and out of the hospital because she was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2005. She was put in Parkway hospital hospice center. My mom was later transferred to Aventura's hospice center. We were told that the cancer spread to her cervical spinal cord. Tuesday night, February 28, 2006, my life would take a dramatic turn. I will never forget that day.

I'm in my bed getting ready to sleep and the phone begins to ring. Its 11:21 pm, puzzled, I get out my bed to go get the phone. I thought it was one of those little crazy girls that calls me, was calling. To my surprise it says Aventura hospital. My heart jumps. It begins to pound and I'm trying to prepare for the worst. As I pick up the phone, my father gets the phone at the same time. So we're both on the phone listening. The attendant asks, "Is this the husband of Varlene Pinchinat?" My father responds, "Yes it is." She says she's sorry to say but your wife has just passed. I hang up the phone in an instantaneous. My heart is beating extremely fast; I lay in my bed trying to process what I just heard. When I finally get it, I wake up my brother to let him know. Half asleep, but still understanding, he says oh in a crushed tone. Not able to sleep, I'm thinking and thinking. My father sees me pacing in the house. He asks why I'm not asleep. I say I'm not able to fall asleep. He responds, "I'm going down to the hospital. They just called and they say your mother passed away." I just say oh because of the fact I know already. As soon as the door is a second from being closed, I pour out in tears. The fact it's the first death to someone close to me, I didn't know how to act.

Now it's about 12:30 am and another calls come in. It's my uncle, Jean. He asks me if I'm ok. I say yea of course. Hesitantly, he asks, "Do you know?" I tell him I know that my mom passed. He says I'm passing by to make sure everything's okay. As I get off the phone, I began to beat myself up. I start saying that it's my entire fault. And to make matters worst I didn't go see her earlier that day because I was busy with my web design homework (which was for the first time). As I'm crying, my uncle, Jean, pops up with my aunt, Verdithe, and stays for just a couple of minutes. My aunt tells me that my grandma isn't taking it too good and she's acting real anxious. After they leave I go to bed. It's about 1:20 am now and I end up weeping until I fall asleep.

Wednesday morning, I get up and the feeling hits



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