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Who Has the Power to Change Life?

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Essay Preview: Who Has the Power to Change Life?

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Who has the Power to change life?

The topic of stem cell research does not affect me so much at the moment. It might in the future, but for now it does not. I do believe that stem cell research should be used for clning organs that will be used for organ transplants. I do not however think that parents should place the doctors on pedestals just because these "mad scientists" supposedly have the power of God.

The topic of heated debate does intrigue me, but not to the point as to where I would make a career of it. I think that stem cell research is a really great idea because it saves people's lives. After hearing both sides of debates I have to say the research being done is good because of the progress and the advances it can bring to the medical community.

In the articles I have read on this very controversial debate on whether stem cells should be destroyed or used for experimentation, human cloning and embryonic research are intertwined within these articles. Other things to consider as to why these issues are so controversial, are because most of the subjects are done only by one person, God. Society wants to believe that God created life, why do you think God would do that? The answer is never going to be spoken because no one is for sure.

Genetic engineering also makes an appearance in one article. This is used to change the DNA in human gene cells. For example, scientists started off by experimenting on plants. This cause a slew of riots, protests and angry health freaks, stating that these genetically engineered vegetable are "Franken' Foods". Protests burst out across the country in places where plants where being modifies.

As far as anyone knows this technique has not been tested on humans. But if any of these techniques are banned, private funding will pay for the continuation of experiments and research. This applies to everything pertaining to what was discussed in these articles.

Bush recalls, " recent weeks, we have learned that scientists have created human embryos in test tubes solely to experiment on them,'(627). This right here shows how humans can distort how medical advances can help save lives and ruin them because of money.

That is where the scientists think that they have the power to become God, and the parents think they can pick out the way their children look.

Assuming that the scientists do not charge and arm and a leg for the procedures done to change a life, in the world today some parents might use the technique of artificial insemination. The parents who use this are using it as a last resort, because they are unable to have a child together. This is acceptable, because they want to have a child; they do not want to custom design their children.

Cloning is another subject to be banned; if it is banned then many ailing patients ill die before those medical advances can save them. Cloning for organs was a big step for medical advances. It opened a doorway for new possibilities in medicine, helping thousands of people.

"President Bush's take on stem cell research was during a time of heated debates over the issue," (Trefil 617). He was only



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