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The Case Analysis of Mrs. Garcia

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Essay Preview: The Case Analysis of Mrs. Garcia

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The case analysis of Mrs. Garcia

Employee theft is a problem that exists in every type of business. There are very few

areas of businesses that go through years of loyal employees and are totally unaffected by

inside jobs. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the world today and the current situation

for businesses of all magnitudes is that security must be taken seriously and be prevalent.

In the Mrs. Garcia case the dilemma is that a supposedly loyal employee withheld tips

and withdrew money from the register. Also, if she is fired for theft everyone in the small

town will find out and her ability to relocate to another job in town will be futile.

This particular case is not as simple as it appears; there are two main problems and

several underlying problems that need to be addressed to resolve this case. The main

problems that occur in a case are placed in the Macro segment and the smaller more

minor problems are referred into the Micro section. The major setbacks that should be

identified immediately are the theft by Mrs. Garcia and how the management should react

to the predicament they have been placed in. The problems that will reside in the micro

section are the constant complaints from Mrs. Garcia about low wages, the cash

shortages, and last but not least, the reasons why Mrs. Garcia stole from the restaurant. In

a survey that was administered by National Computer Systems (NCS), ÐŽ§the company

surveyed more than 1400 employees from eleven different restaurants and determined

that the average annual theft per employee is $218ЎЁ ( Basically, what this

states is that anyone regardless of their stature within their company has the capability to

steal. Even though this restaurant was located in a small town the management or owners

should have never assumed that their business was incapable of being affected by

employee theft. A few other shocking statistics about just how much of an impact

employee theft has on businesses as whole are further exemplified with some studies

done by the Department of Commerce, and American Management Association. ÐŽ§These

organizations estimate that employees steal over a billion dollars a week from their

unknowing employers and nearly one-third of all bankruptcies are caused by employee

theft and it takes approximately twenty dollars in sales to offset every dollar lost to theftЎЁ

( Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent employee theft

from happening. First of all, the businesses must look for key warning signs that a certain




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