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No excuse not to exceed

The next few paragraphs will discuss the issues that Kodak faces in a world of changing technology and innovation. The company is struggling to reinvent itself only after it's core business has become obsolete. The company is in the process of implementing change, and change as we all know isn't the most popular topic in American industry.

At the turn of the twentieth century, many blacksmiths and buggy makers enjoyed a wealth of business and a bright future. These trades had been passed on by many generations and seemed to be a long term necessity. That was until the invention of the automobile. With this new product, people began to see transportation in a whole new light. With the use of horse powered buggies becoming obsolete, what were the blacksmiths and the horse drawn buggy makers to do?

Kodak faces a similar situation today. The idea of paper film is a technology of the twentieth century. In the 2000s, it is all but obsolete. Kodak must find new ways to produce revenue or suffer the same fate as the blacksmiths and buggy makers of the last century. In order to accomplish this, drastic changes must be implemented at high rates of speed. Even though Kodak got involved in digital technology early, it failed to focus its energy on innovation and market share.

To remedy this, Kodak has done what many companies have done. It has changed its -leadership. This new leadership headed by former Hewlett-Packard CEO Antonio Perez has been charged with turning Kodak around and designing it to be a contender in the new digital age. He of course started by cutting costs and eliminating jobs. This is a text book move that every failing corporation in America has done at one time or another. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Perez also claims to have a few tricks up his sleeve to save this dying company.

In conclusion, only time will tell the fate of Eastman Kodak. If it is able to capitalize in the new market it may have a chance. If I were the leader of this company I would look to merge with a popular small company that had a prominent name in digital technology. By doing this, Kodak could leverage its brand name recognition with cutting edge technology and reinvent itself for the new age.

Vital Signs at Humana

Humana has been in the health insurance business for just



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