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* Introduction to Emails

o Advantages

o Disadvantages

* Emails and Marketing

* Issues related with Email and their Solutions

* Some points to remember for Email security

* References

Introduction to Emails

Emails have been dominating in the communication methods that are available. Traditional mailing of physical documents is no longer practiced with big organization. Every business mailing is going Electronic. Electronic mails use the WWW to transfer messages, documents and files to the receiver in any corner of the world using the Internet.

Some of the advantages of using emails include:

* Transfer Speed.

Where traditional mailing system takes days or weeks to deliver depending on distance, Emails take just few seconds to reach any part of the world.

* Easy to use.

Emails are as easy to compose and send as mouse click. On a single click, a message can be trnasferrd to the desired receipent. Everything is done from the desktop computer.

* Cheap.

No fees or cost except the internet cost need to be paid. Cost of sending mail to any number of receivers is the same.

* Attachments.

Mails allow users to attach a file along with the message. These files can be word document, image file, video file or any other.

* Auditing.

One can keep track of the emails that he sends or receives. This help in keeping the audit record.


* Spams.

Along with its advantages, email systems has an issue of Spams. Spams are the unwanted emails sent for marketing

people and fill up the users mail inbox. They are more annoying then damaging.

* Viruses.

Viruses have been around ever since networks came into existence. They are the malicious programs attached with emails and try to leak the sensitive information on the user's machine or cause damages.

Emails and Marketing

Emails and internet combination are proving to be a powerful tool to carry out business related activities. Most affected among them is the marketing field where communication with the clients is the main aim. Emails give a low cost and rapid communication option to send clients messages, advertisements or offers and encouraging them to send that email to other recipients. This type of marketing is often called viral marketing or word of mouth.

To avoid email bombing or what is called spamming, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations in December 2003 introduced a law for commercial mails under which business providers can mail only to people who have agreed to be contacted.

Issues Related with Email and their Solutions

Like every technology has, even Emails have some security related issues.



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