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Hi Badkitty,

I'm going to try to really keep the lines of communication open with my virgo. I know of one successful relationship with a cancer woman/ Virgo man and she had him moved in within 2 months and then married before a year was up and they are now trying to have a child. Completely unheard of for a Virgo right? She does have some of those same Virgo issues with him, but she is always communicating to him about how he makes her feel and what she needs from him to feel validated and he tells her what he needs too and they totally compromise. I think Virgo's want to make you happy you just have to let them know how to do it. With my Virgo I call him on his butter all the time. The other night we were in the car and I told him that I know that he needs his space and that he has a need to take things slow and that I know that he is the type of person that needs to be 150% sure of a relationship before he dives right in, but that I need certain things too and that he needs to communicate to me and that I need to always know where I stand and that as long as I know that I will give him all the space that he needs. His response to me was that he wanted me to know that once he does commit that he commits fully. Then we barely got into the house and he tore off all my clothes and in the throws of passion on the kitchen floor I told him that he was totally worth being patient for and that I was totally worth the effort too. He didn't respond to that. He just moaned;-) As long as it continues to go like this I will be happy with the challenge.



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