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Technology Knowledge

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Essay Preview: Technology Knowledge

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Technology: Knowledge

My definition of technology would be something that one possesses that helps to make their life easier. Knowledge would be one of those factors that have been made easier to access. Not merely knowledge, but certain things such as computer/internet access, calculators, television and so forth that help one to be more aware of these conveniences. American Samoa has been blessed to witness parts of this "technological revolution". There are many things affected by technology, however, I will be basing this paper on the conveniences that we deem as necessary to continue an education.

After discussing the best parts of technology with Timoteo Tali, I talked with Tu'umasina Tui about what one's life was most like without technology. In comparing my notes, I find that technology is a great thing, yet at the same time Anapogi Young and I realize that there are many downfalls to the numerous things that help make school and work, among various things, much more accessible.

Examples of how technology affects us in a positive way are the computer programs, Internet access, television shows, and also calculators that make it easier for one to learn. I've seen the benefit of having television programs such as Sesame Street, Barney, and Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I realize now, that though I was probably just enjoying the program, I was also learning from it. As I matured, so did the programs that I watched, but nonetheless, I was still learning and at the same time, having fun doing so. I am glad to have had such technological devices to help me throughout school and life.

Another device would be the computer. There are computer programs and games that help you learn without really knowing you are. And then there's Internet access that gives you information to practically anything you need. "You've got the world at your fingertips", is a quote that I've heard many times. You're able to research any topic at any time from the private comfort of your home; you can also e-mail assignments to your teachers. Now, there are also classes you can take online without going to school, another benefit. Another major device would be the calculator. In my discussion with Tu'u, I realize that it must have been quite difficult to solve certain math problems without the use of a calculator. The calculator is one's best friend in a math class; it has values such as sine or logarithm that would be quite hard to calculate by hand due to the amount of time of the class.

On the other hand, technology can affect us negatively. As much as these certain conveniences can help us, there are some people



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