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Synthesis Essay Community Service

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Community Service Synthesis Essay

Community service often goes without recognition, even though it contributes to a person’s belief that one can make a positive change for their community. It allows members of the community to serve their fellow people without payment in return. As well as it also provides a sense of self-righteousness and achievement. Required community service hours for high school graduation would be extremely beneficial to both the individual who participates as well as the communities being served, this would also install a sense of civic responsibility and encourage a lifelong habit of helping others.

Many schools may try and advertise the option to change their community by many community service opportunities, but most often students do not take this prospect for a number of reasons. According to many factors coming from the “Millennials Rising,” point out that “surveys show that every six Millennials believe their generation has the greatest duty to improve the environment- and that, far more than older people, Millennials would impose extra civic duties on themselves, including taxes to achieve results” (Source 1). This shows that many who have had success in the entirety of their life were involved in some sort of community service in their high school career. In a study from “The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement”, by Mark Hugo Lopez, it is shown that those who had an educationally successful life had favorable attitudes towards the requirement of community service for a high school diploma (Source 7). These positive attitudes convey the position of positivity towards the requirement of community service for a high school diploma. This required community service helps to build people who are committed to their responsibilities and how they have the ability to make a difference, and this sensation starts in high school where a student realizes the impact they could make on their community as well as many other communities.

In the article, “Volunteer Work Opens Teen’s Eyes to Nursing”, from

“The Detroit News”, shows the experience of a young seventh-grade boy who is dedicated to the volunteering he does at the Alterra Sterling House, an assisted-living home, expresses the outcome of his community service, by expressing that he, “hopes to continue working with elderly by studying nursing.



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