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My Community Service Experience

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My Community Service Experience

During my community service project, I learned and experienced many new things, such as working with a diverse group of people, sensitivity, and how fortunate I am. There were many Jackson State University students that I did not know before my community service project. I met new people and learned about their many back rounds. Moreover, I learned how to work in harmony with others of my status.

While completing my project, I experienced an abnormal feeling termed as sensitivity. I felt great about doing something that would not benefit me but others who truly needed it. Many people do not take the time out to give to the less fortunate. I realized that community service is not a choice, it's a necessity!

Lastly, I became conscious of how fortunate and blessed I am. There are many people who don't have the necessities of life. This experience opened my eyes and made me see that homelessness is a reality for some people. There are some people who don't have food to eat or a family to depend on.

In conclusion, my community service taught me many new things. In our society, we think that the only needy people are lazy people, but this stereotype is not necessarily true. Many people can not help their situation because of natural disasters or the lack of jobs here in the United States. I feel that community service is essential to a more constructive and effective life for U. S. citizens, and I am a better person because of my community service.



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