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Swirl Entrepreneurship Case Study

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Essay Preview: Swirl Entrepreneurship Case Study

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Sweet Pleasure.

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Submitted to: Miss. Aleena Shuja.

Submitted by: Furqan, Salman, Arbab, Fahad, Suffiyan, Shaban, Umair.

Student ID: F2017298012, 04, 22, 20, 19, 10, 05

Semester: 4th.

Program Name: Marketing Management.

Topic: Business plan.


Summary:        10

Name:        10

Tagline:        10

About:        11

Description:        11

Logo:        11

Mission Statement:        12

Vision Statement:        12

Product and services:        12

Ingredients:        13

Rationale:        13

Target Market:        13

Primary Target Market:        13

Secondary Target Market:        14

Market Gap:        14

SWOT Analysis:        14

Strengths:        14

Weaknesses:        14

Opportunities:        15

Threats:        15

Marketing mix:        16

Product:        16

Price:        17

Promotion:        17

Place:        17

People:        17

Process:        17

Physical evidence:        18

Industry Analysis:        18

Walls Ice Cream:        18

Igloo ice cream:        18

Yummy ice cream:        18

Hico ice cream:        18

Omore:        18

Key players:        19

PEST Analysis of industry:        19

Management Team:        20

Financial feasibility of Swirl:        21

Projected Income Statements:        21

Projected Cash Flow Statement:        22

Projected balance sheet of Swirl:        24

Recommendation:        25

Conclusion:        27


Ice cream is a frozen food typically eaten as a snack or dessert usually made from dairy products such as milk cream and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors

The meaning of the phrase “ice-cream” differs from one country to another. Phrase such as “frozen dessert” and other are used to distinguish different varieties and styles.




All happiness depends on a flavorful delight.


Swirl is a brand which offers creamy ice cream & dessert in town. Families can enjoy and experience a new concept of gelato.


The brand was founded by two ice cream fanatics whose passion for ice cream led to the creation of many iconic ice cream flavors including Oreo, Nutella and Chaco lava ice cream. Today Swirl has more than 15 ice creams in its flavor library, and also offers custom made ice cream cakes, frozen beverages and the Ice Cream Treat. Its franchised ice cream shops serve as places where people can connect and create special memories while they explore a wide array of flavors.


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Mission Statement:

It's all part of our mission to make the Swirl neighborhood a tasty, fun place for our customers, define and lead multi-branding and build powerful brand image.

Vision Statement:

To be perceived as the provider of best, premium, delicious frozen desert and to become consumer’s most trusted brand to become a market leader.

Product and services:

The products sold by Swirl will be co-developed with customers to ensure that they enjoy the flavors. The product flavors will be partially based off the requirement of the customers to ensure a high-quality taste. Swirl product will be the combinations of fruits, berries, and 100% Dairy milk rather than the artificial flavors. Swirl diversify its product in different categories which are as follow:

Ice cream

Frozen dessert & beverages


  • Oreo Blackout
  • Nutella tower
  • Vanilla
  • Nutella Milo
  • Oreo red velvet
  • Strawberry
  • Almond crunch
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate fudge
  • Tawa Ice cream (Custom)
  • Vanilla Brownie
  • Oreo brownie waffle
  • Nutella Milo brownie
  • Snickers vanilla
  • KitKat Oreo fudge
  • Blueberry shake
  • Strawberry shake
  • Chocolate fudge shake
  • Oreo shake
  • Nutella milo shake
  • Cold coffee
  • Sundae
  • Molten Lava
  • Brownie Skillet
  • Cookie Skillet
  • Red velvet shake
  • Cookie monster shake
  • Swirl special shake
  • Death by chocolate
  • On customer demand


It is made from 100% Pure dairy milk, fat, sugar, glucose, natural flavors. All these ingredients are necessary for you in your diet to lead an active lifestyle. From these ingredients you get protein that helps to build body tissues, carbohydrates and fats which give you energy and essential vitamins and minerals like calcium that help in strengthen bones and teeth.


Reason for starting this business is that there is a gap of this product in the market yet their different kinds of ice cream in the market but most of them are artificial and not good for health and some other ice cream maker add some quantity of water in form of powdered milk so it is a biggest one opportunity rises due to this gap to introduce a product which is healthy and made with 100% pure Dairy milk and there is no addition of water.



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