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Study Is Global Studies

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My proposed field of study is global studies. It covers a wide range of social issues: economics, environmental problems, international human rights etc. By taking these courses, I would be able to have a deeper understanding of the world around me and make in-depth discussions about global issues. Therefore it is of great importance for students to learn about the world and their city at the meantime. While I was taking part in the program of Work and Travel in the United States, I found out that I can take care of myself and work in a new environment without much difficulty. Also I enjoy making friends with people around the world. In my dormitory, I have met Russians, a Turkish, Jamaicans and also mainlanders. I had a great time listening to their stories and telling the story of Hong Kong. After the 100-day journey, I realize that I am an independent and optimistic person who can get used to new social context quickly. My future goal is to do a master degree. If I can go on an exchange trip and expose myself to different cultures, I will not be confined to my existing state of understanding. I can therefore enrich my studies, view the same issue from several angles and have a broader base for discussion. Since master degree involves a much wider and sophisticated range of perspective, the exchange program is essential to my future studies.



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