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Sociology 1200-40 - Relationship Abuse

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Essay Preview: Sociology 1200-40 - Relationship Abuse

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Erica Gonzalez

Assignment 4

23 November 2015

Sociology 1200-40

Relationship Abuse

        “Know that there is always another way out, although things seem absolutely hopeless, that there is always hope.” “Guilt, relief, and pity. I told myself there was nothing else I could do for him, because he would either kill me or I’d kill myself before I even graduated high school.” This was said by Alexandrea an abuse survivor when she was asked how it felt right before she left. Leaving an abusive relationship is one of the hardest, emotionalist, life changing thing a woman or man could do. Many people who are an abusive relationship feel like they cannot leave their abuser. There are many reasons why they think they cannot leave, the most common is that they love the abuser and think they cannot leave.

        In the area of Saint George, Utah there is a center called the DOVE center. It is a center dedicated to helping women of abuse and rape, it also helps their children. There is help all around, it is up to the survivor to reach out and ask for it. Although it is tough to leave the relationship there is always help, and hope for a better future. Places like the DOVE center help women cope with what has happened to them. They help them realize that whatever has happened to them is not their fault. Assunta Harris says, “Overcoming abuse does not just happen. It takes positive steps every day. Let today be the day you start to move forward.” It is going to take a lot of work but that is what the people at the center are there to do, help.

        The DOVE center is made up of two facilities, a confidential shelter for woman and children, and the other is an office space. The shelter known as the DOVE house is for women and their dependent children who are fleeing an unsafe home due to domestic violence and sexual assault. The house can accommodate 24 individuals and is approximately 4,000 square feet. It has six bedrooms, four full baths, one half bath, a full kitchen, a living area, two laundry facilities, a group room, indoor and outdoor play area, and covered seating. The shelter also has staff offices, which provide 24 hour advocacy, case management, and counseling. The second building is the outreach center, a public space where donations, conduct trainings, and other business it being taken care of.

        The DOVE center has a 24 hour helpline where DOVE advocates are available 24 hours a day to answer questions, give community referrals, and listen to concerns. This is for anyone who may be in need of immediate, emergency assistance, and/or safe shelter. Also offered is free counseling and support groups. Developing a strong support system is key to establishing independence. Another service offered is case management. Their jobs are to assist survivors find appropriate resources and information furthering progress on an action plan. The DOVE center also assists with court and medical advocacy. If help is asked for there is plenty that can be done for survivors of abuse.



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