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Siddhartha Plot Analysis

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Siddhartha Plot Analysis

Siddhartha decides to join the Samanas.

"Tomorrow morning, my friend, Siddhartha is going to join the Samanas. He is going to become a Samana." Govinda blanched as he heard these words and read the decision in his friends. Determined face, undeviating as the released arrow from the bow. Govinda realized from the first glance at his friends face that it was now beginning. Siddhartha was on his own way, his destiny was beginning to unfold itself, and with his destiny, his own. (Page 9)

Analysis: This is Siddharthas first step towards moksha/ enlightenment. He believes that he must give everything up in order to reach is goal. This shows that he is serious about doing so.

Siddhartha and Govinda leave the Samanas.

"But very well, my friend, I am ready to hear that new teaching..." On the same day, Siddhartha informed the eldest Samana of his decision to leave him. (Page 22, 23)

Analysis: They leave the Samanas when Siddhartha gets the notion that being an ascetic isn't the way to achieve his goal. This is a little progression towards his goal and shows he is beginning to understand what he must do.

Siddhartha and Govinda seek out the Buddha.

The woman said: "You have come to the right place, O Samanas from the forest. The Illustrious One sojourns in Jetavana, in the garden of Anathadindika..."

"Look," said Siddhartha softly to Govinda, "there is the Buddha." The Buddha went quietly on his way, lost in thought. His peaceful convenience was neither happy nor sad. He seemed to be smiling gently inward. (Page 26, 27)

Analysis: Siddhartha believes he may be able to learn to become enlightened by the Buddha. Again, this shows how dedicated he is to his goal.

Siddhartha and Govinda hear the teachings of the Buddha.

"Today we will hear the teachings from his own lips," said Govinda. They heard his voice and this was also perfect, quiet and full of peace. Gotama talked about suffering, the origin of suffering, the way to release from suffering. Life was pain; the world was full of suffering..." (Page 28, 29)

Analysis: At this point Siddhartha realizes what he must do. This is a big turning point in this book and shows his true character.

Siddhartha leaves the Buddha, Govinda stays.

Govinda, the shy one, also stepped forward and said: "I also wish to pay my allegiance to the Illustrious One and his teachings." He asked to be taken into the community and was accepted. (Page 29)

In that moment, Govinda realized his friend was leaving him and began to weep. (Page 30)

Analysis: I believe this may be the most important moment of the book. Siddhartha leaves because he feels he must experience things to fully grasp them, that wisdom isn't communicable. When he leaves Govinda we know



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