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Short Story (ap English Midterm) 95

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Essay Preview: Short Story (ap English Midterm) 95

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Tara and tom, part of an average family living on the northern coast of California, had a lot of family and friends but not many material things. Sure they were happy but they wanted more. Tara spent most of her day at a local clothing shop working and tom at a drug store just making there monthly bills and there small donation to charity. They barely had time to themselves

Although Tara and Tom did not have a lot of money they were rich at heart. They always dreamed of having a more luxurious and comfortable lifestyle but could never achieve it. They believed in working for what they get and were uneasy about accepting money from anyone.

One month when they were desperate for money they came across a very old man. He said that he would grant any wish that they desired but the consequences could be severe. They knew they were very low on money and would be out on the streets within days so they made their wish. Ask and you shall receive and there was all the money anyone would ever need waiting for them on their doorstep.

Soon after that day they had all of their bills paid off and still had money to spare. They said that they would put the money into savings but the temptation to spend was stronger than they could withstand. They bought a house in Los Angeles started wearing expensive clothes, eating out and spending recklessly.

They both became overwhelmed with greed and selfishness. The neglected their friends and family and found themselves alone. They stopped donating to charity and kept every dime to themselves.

Their irresponsible spending became serious. After a while the money was all gone. They had no money left and wished they had had heir old lives. They lost their passion and were drowning in their own guilt and greed.

Tara and tom went back to their home town to seek the old man who gave them all of this money. They asked around but no one had ever heard of him. They were stuck unemployed and broke.

They were scared and dreaded the night knowing that they had nowhere to sleep. As much as they desired to have money and change their lifestyle, now the tables turned and now their deepest desire is to have their family and friends.



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