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Women Are Just Better - Short Story

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In the short story "Women Are Just Better" that was published in "The Short Prose Reader", the author Anna Quindlen discusses what she sees as the superiority of women over men. Quindlen introduces her opinion about a scientific research conducted in England, which will allow men to give birth. She thinks that "if men got pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament". She does not believe that men would be able to go through the pains and toil of bringing babies to this world. Quindlen asserts that it is not true that she does not like men, as some of her best friends are. She holds it to be true that men are inferior to women; therefore, can noto perform this duty.

Quindlen cries-out about the "obligatory quotes from male sanitation workers about how women were incapable of doing this job" regarding the new hiring of female sanitation workers by New-York city. She points-out to the similarity of these quotes to one's she had heard prior to women becoming judges, ironworkers, and fire-fighters. Therefore, women are also able of carrying-out sanitation work. More-over, she declares she "would fight for the right of any laid-off sanitation man to work, for example, at the gift-wrap counter at Macy's, even though any woman knows that men are hormonally incapable of wrapping packages and tying bows". Quindlen claims that "Women are the glue that holds our day-to-day world together". She argues that today, women undertake same duties as men, fulfill their household tasks, and still be unappreciated by men as usually.



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