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English Short Story

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        My green eyes opened to the eery silent blackness around me. It took a while to realize I was laying on the wet ground facing the blacked out sky. No light of any kind was visible. The only way to know I was actually outside was by the feel of the grass under me and the fragrant smell of pine trees and nature around me. I sat up to see a pair of red eyes staring right at me. My heart started pumping and I jumped to my feet as quickly as I could. I started to run not knowing where I was headed but knowing I was running from those red eyes that now seemed to be following right behind me. I looked up ahead and saw a dim light shining down on an old decrepit house only a few yards in front of me.

        I raced to the house and found the door to be wide open just waiting for someone or something to enter. I looked back and those same red eyes that now were only feet away. I jumped in the house slamming the door behind me. As I peered out the window I realized the eyes were no longer there. I silently turned around and started to investigate the house I had now invaded. Cob webs and dust seemed to be piled thick on everything here. I stepped up onto the first stair to go upstairs as I heard a faint bang of a door that seemed to come from below the house. I remember seeing a door near the kitchen that lead to the basement. I then heard very faint footsteps coming up those basement stairs. I proceeded to race up the stairs to the second floor and run to the back room. I locked the door and pushed a piece of furniture up against it, then went and sat down on the dusty old bed. Silence passed until I heard a squeaking noise followed by the turning of the door knob. After about five minutes whatever was trying to enter just stopped. I was shaken up but exhausted so I decided to rest my eyes. After w med like only ten minutes I felt this strange feeling someone was watching me. I opened my eyes to see a tall black figure to the left of my bed with those piercing red eyes. I couldn’t move or scream or even close my eyes, I was paralyzed. The figure slid its dark cold hands around my throat. I started choking and gasping for air but I was helpless to do anything. I saw the figure sickly smile and I faded into blackness.

        I awoke again but this time was in the safety of my own house. My brother Anthony was playing on the floor. My mother in the kitchen cooking and my father reading the newspaper. I called for my brothers name, he slowly turned around to me and the first thing I saw was those glowing red eyes staring straight into mine. The room turned black and my brother, father, and mother all turned to me with those glowing red eyes. They inched closer and closer to me until I was backed into a corner with no where to go. They reached me and started clawing at me. Ripping flesh and hysterically laughing in the process. I screamed and pleaded with them but that only seemed to please them more. I became weak and once again faded into a black abyss.



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