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Sample Feasibility Paper for Ss12

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Essay Preview: Sample Feasibility Paper for Ss12

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[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]Mapua Institute of Technology

School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences

Solar Power Outlet

A Feasibility Study

Presented to the Faculty of the

School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences

Mapua Institute of Technology

Intramuros, Manila


Flores, Alain Kristian E.

Sangalang, Alyson C.

Villareal, Leonardo V.

In partial fulfillment

Of the Requirements for the Course



June 23, 2015

4th Quarter / 2013-2014

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Product or Service

III. Technology

IV. Market Environment

V. Competition

VI. Industry

VII. Business Model

VIII. Marketing and Business Strategy

IX. Production/Operating Requirements

X. Management and Personnel

XI. Intellectual Property

XII. Regulations/Environmental Issues

XIII. Critical Risk Factors

XIV. Financial Projection

XV. Conclusion and Recommendation

XVI. Definition of Terms

XVII. References

I. Introduction

In our time today we are in danger of what we call global warming. Global warming is the effect of having too much carbon dioxide in the air or the smokes coming out on power plants and etc. Our company Helio Tech Inc. Want to make a difference by using only products that lessen or doesn’t cause global warming to worsen. Helio Tech Incorparated name came from greek mythology which is the personification of the sun, Helio because the company produce products that use only solar powered devices to promote green energy or clean energy to help our environment. People are in need today of an energy source because all people have gadgets today but it’s limitation is it has limited batteries that can becharged so the people will need a source of energy but you can’t get an outlet everywhere, so that’s where our product comes in because of our product people will have a source of energy for charging everywhere they go they just need to power it in sunlight making it more easy to get a source of energy, with our product having an affordable price people will sure to buy because they need it and they can afford it.

II. Product or Service

The company’s first product the solar power outlet called the “Tesla Outlet” is an outlet that you can carry around your bag or in your pocket that gets it’s power from the sun. The company called it the Tesla Outlet because Nikola Tesla the genius inventor wanted for us free electricity, which is the product of the company here that provides you electricity everywhere you go. The “Tesla Outlet” is an outlet that will help you charge your phones or laptops it’s just needs to be in direct sunlight, meaning you won’t need to charge it like a powerbank. Since today we are in a crisis of global warming the company decided to produce products using solar panels. What’s unique about this product is that this product is not only useful but also looks good because you can choose the size, how many sockets and what color. The size of the outlet is starting to 120cm x 70cm and can even vary to smaller and bigger sizes depending on how many sockets. It has a 15 W solar panel and it’s casing is made of aluminum.In the near future the company is determined to upgrade the product and sell it more so that more people are going to use solar power rather than other sources which is a clean source of energy.

III. Technology

The product “Tesla Outlet” is a portable outlet that will charge or power your laptops, cellphones, TVs and etc. In a place that has no electricity for example outdoors, the car or in a mall. It is a small device with a small solar panel in it’s surface with a socket on the other side. The solar panel absorbs the sunlight and powers the outlet making it capable of producing electricity to charge your laptops, phones, camera, etc. The solar There are more additional research ongoing with this product on how to make it more efficient and absorbs more power to increase it’s effect on other products plugged in to it.

IV. Market Environment

[pic 4]

        The locale of the business will be stationed n 91 M. Almeda St. Pateros, Metro Manila. There will be numerous advantages for the business for choosing the said location of the locale. The highest priority for securing this location is for acquisition of the most vital target market, the students and people who are drastically in need of a power source while away from the convenience of power outlets and common power banks which offer much lesser capacity than our product. Since the company will only provide the delivery service, the advantage is that the advertisements on the product will be done online for convenience to both producer and consumer parties.

[pic 5][pic 6]

[pic 7]

This survey about the people’s insight on the product’s substitutes shows how inferior and less convenient they are compared to the Tesla Outlet. Most answered that their problems will be solved by patronizing the product in exchange for conventional power sources. Judging from the survey’s result, the product will be a success once it has reached the market and the people’s attention.

V. Competition

There will be many competitions for the business as there are many direct competition products in electronic stores that provide the same output, such as the power banks. The strength of the competing power bank products are their efficiency as their functionality provides simple and fast enough for small electronics such as smartphones. However their weakness is of that their capacity is dependent on their size and price and they are very reliant on power outlets that they need to charge on beforehand. The innovation of our product fixes this by implementing the same functionality as a normal power bank would in case of no available source of sunlight whilst also cultivating the sunny weather of the Philippines into a power source. Indirect competitions will be small electronics stores that provide wide array of products substitute for a portable power source such as CD-R King and mobile centers that sell spare batteries.



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