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Cs 121 - Academic Strategies Paper

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timmy lee



Academic Strategies Paper

When I enrolled at Kaplan University I knew I was doing the right thing. It's always been a positive thing to here when someone would say they are in college. Finally I get the chance to say that. So whenever I talk to someone I haven't seen for awhile of just meeting, Kaplan University is almost always the first thing I bring up. Criminal Justice was the course I decided to major in because law enforcement has always fascinated me. If I get my associates degree I will be very happy and proud of myself. I also want to go for a bachelor's degree as well. Once those goals are achieved I hope to pursue a career in law enforcement, even though I hardly know anything about law.

The Three aspects of note-taking are, observe, record and review. To observe you want to see how your instructor or whoever your watching is presenting the information to you, and you want to see how they say certain things or move a certain way. Then you want to record what you are observing. How your record something is important because that's how you're going to review it. Some techniques you can use to effectively take notes are, always come to class prepared. Make sure you have a piece of paper and a writing utensil with you. Try at sit directly in front of your instructor. Students who sit close often get better grades on quizzes and assignments. Always participate in a class activity. Ask question, and join in class discussions. Also highlight important information. Your instructor will mostly tell you when something is going to be on an exam. The best way you can create a good learning environment for you and your instructor is get to know them. Be responsible for your own mistakes. Learn how to better improve yourself from the comments your teacher writes.

When taking a test you want to make sure you are getting the most out of what you are studying so you will be fully prepared come test time. Some things you should do before taking a test include. Always review daily so you keep your mind fresh or what you are preparing for. Next step is weekly reviews. This means reviewing each subject once a week. Look at any flash cards or summaries you might have made. Last step is major reviews. These usually last about three to



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