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Report on the Movie the Patriot

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Essay Preview: Report on the Movie the Patriot

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Patriot Cultural Assignment

"The Patriot" is an excellent movie. It may very well be one of the most exciting

and moving war-drama movies of all time. There are very few films today that even come

close to touching upon the American Revolution, which is why "The Patriot" is of such

importance. Nonetheless, during the film the actual American Revolution takes a back

seat and allows the center of the story to revolve around Benjamin Martin (played by

Mel Gibson) and his South Carolina family. Some examples of this would be the focus on

Benjamin's eldest son Gabriel and how he goes against his father's wishes. As well as

Gabriel, the film focuses on Benjamin and what actions he takes and why. Aside

from the focus on the Martin family, there was inaccuracy at times about the American

Revolutionary War itself.

"The Patriot" should have been more focused on the actual American Revolution

than on the story line concerning Benjamin Martin and his family. Instead of doing this,

the movie focuses on Benjamin's eldest son Gabriel who was eager to get in on the action,

and signs up with the rebel forces against his father's wishes just minutes after South

Carolina joins the fight against the British. As the focus on Gabriel continues, he soon

romances a local girl in a small town he passes through. He later falls in love with the girl

and they begin writing to each other while he is away. When Gabriel returns to the town

he has found out that everyone had been burned alive inside the church under the order of

the evil British General Cornwallis. This fuels the fire for Gabriel and makes him more

determined to fight and seek revenge.

After the focus is off of Gabriel it is shifted to Benjamin. Since he remembers his

own bloody experience from the French & Indian War, Benjamin is reluctant to have any

part of this conflict. At first, Benjamin tries to convince others to resolve this peacefully

and not to fight. He refuses to fight because he would rather care for his family and

remain to farm with his slaves. Soon after this, Benjamin joins the fight himself, his loyalty

to his eldest son first draws him into the fight. After his son is captured and is almost

killed by the British Benjamin fights to



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