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Red Lobster Case Study

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Essay Preview: Red Lobster Case Study

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Red Lobster

4P analysis


  1. Advertisements: Since the current television advertisements fit the positioning Red Lobster wanted, they should continue with current ads but focus on “freshness”, culinary expertise and showcase their new menu.  
  2. Price Promotions: Scale back extensive price promotions since the “Experimentals” are least price sensitive. Continue with the two legacy promotions “Lobsterfest” and “Endless Shrimp” which are their strongest promotions that gain maximum volume of customers.
  3. Bloggers: Food tasting of new menu for bloggers to promote the 5 additional fresh fish dishes on the menu. Thus, spreading the perception of “fresh food” to all their target segments and motivating the “Experimentals” to dine at Red Lobster.
  4. Media and food connoisseurs: Organize event for launch of new menu and revamped restaurants to market the positive changes in image and increase customer satisfaction index for Red Lobster. It would increase the “sophisticated and upscale” image of Red Lobster in the minds of the “Experimentals”.

Write a positioning statement that you think represents what Red Lobster’s strategy ought to be. To what extent, if any, does the positioning reflect the preferences of Experientials? What are some key alternative positioning statements that could be considered and why is your statement a better choice?

  1. Perception map - Attached
  2. Mental map – Attached
  3. Image - Identity gap:

There is a gap between the brand image and brand identity. It would be essential to change the brand image of Red Lobster. The perception of Red Lobster being less clean, not fresh, fried and of low quality would be key factors that would need change. Red Lobsters new positioning strategy would need to focus on the aspects of their target segment’s behavior and preferences.  

  1. Positioning statement:

Target Market – High income, well educated, culinary expertise, sophisticated atmosphere

Build relationships

For the customers looking for high quality, unique food with culinary expertise, Red Lobster provides an experience

Red Lobster provides an experience of the highest quality fresh seafood, among all other seafood restaurants for all your family dinners and your business lunches because of its culinary expertise and complimentary service.


  • Red Lobster offers the most affordable, fresh seafood among all other seafood restaurants for your family because of its budget pricing and top quality fresh fish.
  • Red Lobster offers the highest variety of innovative and fresh seafood among all other diners for your business meetings because of its culinary expertise and upscale ambience.339999



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