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Reaction Paper

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The authors of this paper looked at play therapy techniques and which were the most effective. They described in a simple and concise manner each technique that chosen for the article. The selection of techniques that were chosen had to fit a certain criteria 1) the technique had to be appropriate for 4-12 year olds 2) techniques should be enjoyable, inexpensive, and easy to implement. Based on these and a few other criteria 15 techniques were chosen and broken down.

The article is a good resource for therapists that work with children and something that I could see myself coming back to use for future reference in play therapy. The article states that play therapy is most effective when parents are involved in the treatment and when the optimal number of sessions is provided to the child. Which is good information for a child therapists and/or a social worker that works with children to understand.

My concentration for my MSW degree is going to be Families and Children, so I believe that this article directly relates to my chosen career path. I plan on working with at risk youth and this article outlines proven techniques that aid mental health workers trying to break through with damaged children.



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