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Problems with Parents in the Media

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Essay Preview: Problems with Parents in the Media

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Problems with parents come in all different sizes and all different

topics, but the truth is that we all have them at one point or

another and therefore they play a major role in our lives. They

don't trust us to make you to make your own decisions, your curfew

is always earlier than everyone elses'and they treat your siblings

differently then you. Many tv shows, movies and cartoons are often

based on family, and the humourous problems that take place between

the parents and their children. We can define humour as an instance

of being or attempting to be comical or amusing. "8 simple rules",

"Meet the Parents", and "" are great examples of a cartoon, a

television show, and a movie that all have similar themes involving

problems with parents, and their ability to make us laugh.

8 simple rules is very much a family comedy that mainly focuses on

the relationship between Paul Hennessy and his two teenage

daughters (Bridget and Kerry), who are always up to some

kind of trouble. Paul is not your typical breadwinning father -

when his wife Cate decides to return to work as a nurse, it is him

who gives up his job as a sports writer and becomes a stay at home

Dad who writes a column on the side.Once he starts spending more

time around the children, he quickly realises that teenage girls

are a lot more complicated than they

were as little girls. Paul soon find's himself has to dealing with

boy craziness and

mood swings. And the boy (Rory) is not always easy to handle

either. Rory seems to be quite an individual child, who has strange



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