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Plan of Investigation

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Plan of Investigation

The topic for my English School Base Assessment is ‘Factors Contributing to Homosexuality’ under the group theme ‘’Homosexuality’’. I became interested in this topic because I have seen a lot of articles and discussions on social media about homosexuality. In addition there is a high level of stigmatism in Jamaica. This has made me curious about why individuals choose this path. While conducting my research I expect to develop my understanding of the English language and improve my vocabulary and by extension my overall writing skills. In order to obtain relevant information to complete this SBA I will browse the internet for newspaper articles, short stories and poems related to the topic.        


Reflection 1.

Explain how each piece of evidence/data shaped your thinking.

My three pieces of evidence shaped my view about Homosexuality in a positive way because they make me more aware about what motivates Homosexuality.

In the video used it stated that the primary cause of homosexual confusion in boys is the failure to emotional bond with their dad. Hence, homosexuality isn’t a sexual issue but an emotional issue. It was also stated that the absence of the father in a boy’s life may result in homosexuality because they feel the need to fill the gap that’s missing while a mother’s absence has a similar result in girls.

 The article used “How Older Brothers Influence Homosexuality” by Olga Khazan, stated that homosexuality may result from “a mother’s immune response to her male fetus-which increases with each son she has.” It also suggested that this cannot specifically cause someone to be gay or straight.

On the other hand, the photograph identifies several factors that motivates homosexuality. It identifies Biological explanations, sociocultural explanations, soul (psychological), Environmental and Spirit. The photograph made me aware that homosexuality is also a learned pattern of behavior and norms of one’s peers during adolescences. Hence reinforcing the view that multiple factors contribute to this behavior.

What is clear is that homosexual tendencies cannot be pinned down.

Reflection 2.

The language used in all three pieces was formal and easily understood. My two (2) pieces that were an article and a picture were written in Standard English and this allowed me to have a vivid understand about my theme. I had a vivid understanding because it use familiar words, the factors it shows that contribute to homosexuality were easy to understand expect two words in the picture I had to use the internet to figure out it’s meaning, word such as biological and sociocultural .I was able to develop a better understanding of factors contributing to homosexuality by those procedures.

The language used in the video was formal English and the vocabulary was easy to understand because the speaker used familiar words such as homosexual, abuse, compensate, eroticize and some I had to use context clues to figure out words like “homophile” and “homoerotic. I researched more on my theme so I would have a better understanding of it. At the conclusion I was able to understand the articles and video relating in a way I didn’t understand before, it helped me to realize the factors and decreased my judgmental thinking towards this issue. Listening the audio of the video had me feeling sorrowful because imagining young boys and also girls fatherless and they had no choice to be homosexual had me feeling guilty for the way I stigmatized them.

Reflection 3.

Discuss how doing the School Based Assessment (SBA) has helped you to become a better person

This research has shaped my mind in a positive way and allowed me to revise my perspective of homosexuality. As a result I am now more tolerant and open minded. I have also developed as an individual in other ways. My group members corrected me when I had erroneous interpretations on materials read. I have now learnt to accept corrections and grow from them. Similarly, this SBA has helped me to develop my teamwork skills as we often sat in a circle and discussed valid points and shared ideas relating to the topic. My vocabulary was enhanced allowing me to understand new words and phrases words such as homophile, homoerotic and Sapphic which they are all words relating to homosexuality.



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