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Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan

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According to my knowledge of the city where I would live for next 10 years, I consider that flood and hurricane could be the disasters that are most likely to happen in that area. As a coastal city in the eastern of China, the city are facing numerous amount of rainfall each summer, which may result in overload of drainage system. It is quite easy for those kinds of disasters occur in this situation.

As for me, I would like to prepare an emergency kit with the most essential supplies inside. Bottled water, protein bars, canned food, first aid kit, batteries and flashlight are definitely supposed to be in the consideration (American Red Cross, 2009). A map would be a good option for people as well since it has a crucial and basic function to give right directions and forbidden post-disaster emergencies. In addition, copies of important documents such as insurance cards and immunization records should be taken in kit as well (CDC, 2016). To guarantee the effect and accessibility of these supplies, I will pack the items in easy-to-carry containers and keep them in the obvious place in house so that we don’t have to worry how to get it if a disaster happens.

To well communicate with family in a disaster, we will prepare a contact card that records emergency telephone numbers. Extra chargers and batteries are required as well for contact in emergency. For my grandparents, we will select some meeting places where my grandparents could go there conveniently. The best escape routes from my grandparents’ home will be determined for safety of the old.

When it comes to how people treat their pet in an emergency, the behavior differs. I have a cute cat in my apartment, and I will never abandon such a beautiful life in a disaster situation. I have prepared a pet carrier which can be easily taken. Some moist or canned food will also be in my list. In addition, I will plan in advance for shelter alternatives that will accept pets inside.

However, there are some actions that we can take in advance to reduce the damage that a disaster may bring. We can fortify the house. We will try to assess the potential risks in house and remove debris. For the purpose of defending a hurricane, boarding windows will help protect house from excess damage. On the other hand, gutters should be cleaned and thus rainfall could be directed away to forbidden more water in house.



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