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Extended Journal Entry: Planning for Success - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: Extended Journal Entry: Planning for Success - Personal Essay

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Who am I, is a very simple question for me; I am a Patriot. I was born in Town and Country, MO. It is a small area outside of St. Charles/ St. Peters/ St. Louis, MO. I lived first half of my life split between Murfreesboro, TN and Lee’s Summit, MO. I was raised in a strong Baptist family with very strong morals and family values. These same morals and values allowed me to grow into a very strong, respectful, driven individual. Some of my greatest strengths come from how my family raised me. I am very loyal and patience. Sometimes my patience goes way too far and most of the time to a fault. I do have lines drawn and it’s very hard for me to reach those lines, but when I do, I cut all ties and communication with an individual forever. This can be considered a weakness and a strength. I also have a very large heart. When I love, I love hard. When I lose that love it’s always hard on me. I have very large walls around my heart and keep my circle very small.

Academically I am very complicated. I have a lot of training and skills in communications. In the military I am considered an SME (subject matter expert) in my field. In the civilian world of academics, I am a beginner. Before GCU my experience was in military based training on systems and weapons that is very specialized. I do well in my job, but it isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have had various instructors and teachers for my many years in the military and honestly don’t have a favorite or spend the energy on even remembering them. Most instructors in the military are so closer scripted and regulated on what and how they teach, that there is nothing to get excited about. We just absorb and perform, if not we fail, and we get kicked back and don’t move forward well in our careers. About two years ago I was struck by a muse and figured out what I wanted to do when I retire from the service. I wanted to work in the field of Emergency Management. I started talking to a lot of Fire Chiefs and Emergency Managers to find the right college to attend and earn a degree in emergency management. GCU was one of two that kept coming up. GCU wasn’t even my first choice, but quickly proved to be the right one. I am hoping to gain the knowledge to succeed and accel in the field of emergency management. I am currently a volunteer firefighter/paramedic and equipped with my bachelor’s degree I will



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