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Autobiography - Personal Essay

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During my life time I have had many accomplishments as well as many failures I feel as most would that only a few drastically change you and aid in establishing who you are today. I also feel there are a few people who helped form and guide me during my continuous journey through life.

One of the first events that I feel made me who I am for sure was the birth of my brother Dennis we are a little over three years apart. Once he was born I had to realize I wasn't the only child anymore and that I had to share everything and since he was just a newborn he demanded almost all of the attention my parents could give and being that my father worked full time it was only my mother home so I got even less attention. So from that I believe I learned to be more self sufficient as well as patient I may not have learned all those things at three but being that I am the oldest I feel they contributed to my characteristics.

Another event in my life that I know for sure changed me was playing softball, softball was my most favorite thing to do when I was bored I would go outside and work on my hitting in my batting cage or I would practice my pitching against my pitching bored. I was so determined at this game that at the age of eleven I was playing in a statewide championship team division on a fourteen and under team I even had scouts locating at my from Hofstra and at that age its unheard of . But my softball dreams would all soon change My birthday was just around the corner and I had been asking for a trampoline for along time so my dad got it for me for my fourteenth birthday so on July 28th my dad set it up for me and I had the most awesome summer with all of my friends on that thing me had campouts and we made new games to play. But one day my parents went out and left me and my friends home and they asked us to stay inside and stay away form it while the where not home but we didn't want to listen so we went outside in my pool and then on the trampoline and as you could probably picture we were all wet. Well it was all good for a while but then I slipped and I got my ankle stuck in a bar and all u heard was a loud tear and a snap and I'm sure u can guess what happened I tore all my ligaments in my ankle and I was in an air cast and crutches for over two months and after therapy was done they said absolutely no more sports so that ended that career path in anyway.

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And the one person who I feel changed my life to the fullest extent

was my grandmother she was my mentor through all my aspects of life when

she passed away my whole world got shaken I lost not only a mentor



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