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Daughter - Personal Essay

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My name is Young Mai. I am a proud mummy of a little princess --- our daughter, Lily, was born on Feb 06, 2005. My experience is that it is really a bundle of joy at the cost of a bundle of energy and money. Luke, our five-year-old prince, is genuinely enthusiastic about drawing. He also loves stories. My husband works as a research scientist in Department of Agriculture, University of Chicago.

Our family moved to Chicago two years ago. In the past two years, I worked as a technician in a computer wholesale company, and then an annotator in LDC (Linguistic Data Consortium), University of Chicago. I am now working with Elisa Junior High School. It is really a pleasure that finally I come back to my beloved career track.

I obtained my Bachelor degree in Engineering from the University of Chicago. After that, I worked as assistant teacher and lab instructor for the same university from 1995 to 1997. I taught Matrix theory and Classical Control to undergraduate students. I worked as software engineer in a big semiconductor company after graduation.

My previous teaching experience is mainly with engineering students at undergraduate level, but now I am teaching students at high school level. Some new abilities and new skills, like classroom management, interactive teaching, are necessary in order to make sure that every student learns effectively. I am looking forward to learning from this course and sharing ideas with my classmates as well.

I spent all my spare time with my kids and I sincerely hope I had more time to be with them. My hobbies include but not limited to swimming, reading and web surfing.



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