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Paris Miki Swot Case Study

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Essay Preview: Paris Miki Swot Case Study

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Name Paris Miki Inc.

Head Office 2-4-2 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

President Seiji Kanou

Established October 1930

Capitalization 5.91075 yen (as of March 2001)

Sales 79.36 billion yen (term ended March 2001)

Employees 4,639 (as of March 2001)

Outline of Operations A specialized eyewear chain handling mainly glasses and related products. Outlets in Japan and overseas include suburban retailers, tenant shops, and "built-in" shops.


* Technologically advanced

* #1 in Japan and #3 globally

* Extremely well known in Japan for its all retails that pursue of individual customer satisfaction and needs, from beginning to end

* "Web-mimir" service that allows customers to seek out their ideal eyewear via the Internet, and then actually try the glasses on at the nearest shop

* Industry leader in innovation


* Maintenance issues for their eyewear system

* Turnover as a result of technology

* Customization takes longer


* Expand to the US and elsewhere

* Internet customers globally

* Increasing senior population in Japan

* The increase in computer/video usage leading to bad vision


* Lasik surgery

* Higher priced eyewear

* Designer eyewear not available through them

* Competitors

Paris Miki sells to everyone that can access the web or go into a store. Paris Miki places great emphasis on the concept of "brick & click." "Brick" refers to real outlets, while "click" refers to a computer mouse; that is, Internet operations. The emphasis is on how to establish a link between real shops and



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