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Paper Based Books V/s E-Books

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Essay Preview: Paper Based Books V/s E-Books

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Reading is a way through which languages are acquired. It helps in communicating as well as sharing one’s views on a particular subject. But, the main question here is, what means should be used to read? There are two school of thoughts; the first favors paper based books, while the other favors e-books.

The first school of thought favors reading paper based books. Firstly, it says that reading paper based books is more superior to screens. Secondly, books are single tasking devices. While reading a paper based book, the reader can do little of another task; there is little distraction. It is possible to buy a used book, but not a used e-book. A real book can be resold. Thus, real books are better than e-books.

The second school of thoughts favors reading e-books. First of all, e-books feature of portability has been a major hit. It is possible to carry an entire library of e-books everywhere, without worrying about weight. E-books are long lasting; and withstand time over paper based books. Lastly, e-books are bought and delivered online; there are no shipping charges. Hence, e-books are better than paper based books.

In my opinion, e-books are more convenient than paper books. Firstly, it is eco-friendly, as no cutting down of trees is required to make papers. Next, e-books are a means of interactive learning, as it may contain audios/videos and animation. Lastly, e-books can be printed. Thus, a reader has an option of reading books on the screen, or reading them using papers. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is better to use e-books.

In conclusion, it depends on the tastes and preference of people. What is meant to be good for one person may not be good for another. Thus, it differs from people to people.



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