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Double a Book Tower

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Double A Book Tower


* TBT is a specialty store or category killer as Double A provides both variety and assortment of the product categories to customers. TBT is niche market which is provide long-tail marketing from basic items to exclusive items in order to create differentiate and beat with other competitor store.

* TBT use RFID randomly in some book and barcode in every book for preventing stolen rate.

* TBT provides 2-3 Book specialist to create differentiate strategy

* Locate in the central area - school, business and community area and easy to transportation.

* Double A arranges promotional campaign constantly for example, event campaign that relate to the product. Double A aware that setting the event for book is totally different from other products because this product cannot sales as per seasonal like others but they have to set by category such as promotion campaign for traveling event, literature event, etc.

* Every floor of TBT uses planogram strategy by arranging the same format in order to customize each segment to be store schematic.

* TBT is the largest book place in Bangkok and represent standalone book store in Bangkok.

* Double A use forward strategy and generates more revenue for the organization. For example, they supply paper to the publisher and the publishers then sell on consignment to TBT. By doing this, the more reader, the more selling book, and TBT will acquire more paper consumption. Therefore, Double A will gain more benefit from this cycle.

* TBT have divided into 2 types of layout whereas some publisher rent the area for decorating by themselves while some publisher will sell on consignment.

* TBT provide free wifi but have to ask free for user id and password at the counter.

* TBT provide all in one for book lover. TBT have total 9th floor which divided each types of book categories in the different floors. For example,

* 1st Floor, Top Hit Zone provides the best seller, recommended books from all over the publishers and magazines, hot hit items, including new arrival. The first floor is fit to the customers who have time limitation for shopping.

* 4th Floor, Kids Zone which is the most popular floor on the weekend. Most of customers will go this floor, either kids or parents.

* 6th Floor, Lively Zone provides comic and the pocket books which fit for teenagers.

* 7th Floor, Clearance Zone provides special discount 30%-70% for several kind of books.

* 9th Floor Seminar Zone provides meeting room and training room, workshop room and etc.

* TBT provides search engine for customers on every floor. Search engine help customers to find books and mapping the book on shelf.



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