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Redwall Book Review

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By: Brian Jacques

This book was about a community and the animals inside of it. These include Matthias, Father Abbot, and many other mice and creatures who lived in Redwall Abbey. They had one mouse that lived a long time ago that was the hero of the Abbey because of his bravery. His name was Martin.

Matthias was a very clumsy church mouse found motherless in Mosslfower woods, which was the local forest.

There was an adder in the wood. The animals were very careful of him. He was known to have eaten 10 brave mice. There was also a very cruel villain, "Cluny The Scourge."

Cluny was always after possession of the abbey. This was because he/she who owned the abbey controlled the land around it, for it was in the center of the land.

One day, he decided to break in, luckily, Matthias had found the Martin's burial tomb underneath the stone steps. For in this chamber was the very sword he used to slay the predecessor of the current adder.

That very day, Cluny invaded. He brought rope, chains, and poison!

What will happen?

Will he be killed?

Find here answers and more in the library.

I really liked this book, because it was exciting and you never lost the sense of adventure. I love Brian's books and advise you to read them.



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