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Organizational Behaviour

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Ques.1 Consider a framework for developing a productive relationship with one's boss?

Ans.1 a strong and a productive relation with your manager can be formed by the followings:

* Develop trust with your manager, with which manager would want you to do all challenging projects.

* Meet your deadlines.

* Keep your manager Updated about your assigned work, about your priorities; always update To-do-list.

* Regularly meet your manager, keep asking about your performance feedback.

* Always take initiative to do any work which may help building good rapport between you and your manager.

* Respect you manager on personal level as well, be friendly and also update your manager about your personal priorities, this may help building trust.

* If anything goes well or wherever you get stuck email your manager right away, whether it's your accomplishment or anything troubling you.

* Speak openly and comfortable about your personal issues.

* Always look up to your manager and learn some skills of your manager which you like, analyze a budget sheet.

* Look for your common ground.

* Be a team player.

Ques.2 who is responsible for the HS holding crisis?

Ans.2 According to the case, no one is specifically responsible for HS holding crisis. There was miscommunication among teams to start mistakes from, Parveen D got a call from HS holding instead of directly calling Nick E at his residence number, he tried to fix problem with Indian team which resulted in not having HS holdings proper contact info, because Nick K had not updates the contact number when client contact moved and due to all this they were not able to fix HS holdings server. Whereas Parveen D and Rahul A. blamed bad queue for not forwarding the proper contact info Whereas India itself was suppose to program queue for missing numbers, but this was later programmed by UAE, and UAE team misunderstood the instructions and assumed not for emergencies and they did not send to support queue or include automatic page to managers on call. This was absolute mismanagement and lack of communication, relying on each other, every team assuming that they are each other's competitors.

Ques.3. what role did the Open work play in the case?

Ans.3 Open work program helped diverse employees



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