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Organizational Behaviour

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Essay Preview: Organizational Behaviour

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There are countless unclean whiteboards and chalkboards in school and business across the country. The erasers used to clean these boards take a long time to use, and even then there are always some marks or smudges left on the boards. In as little as 3 weeks those marks will become near impossible to remove.

The solution?

Introducing the EasySwipe, a user-friendly and quick to install apparatus that will clean any whiteboard or chalkboard in one swipe, guaranteed. This device can be used with all existing whiteboards and chalkboards, so there is no need to purchase new ones! Gone are the erasers that didn't do a great job anyways, and within twenty minutes the EasySwipe will be installed. And with our specialized whiteboard cleaner, or water for the blackboards, it will be good to go to return the boards to their newly purchased condition. As well, with the EasySwipe you have the added benefit of a streamlined system to release the cleaner, allowing for a device that is easy on the eyes; so no need to worry about students or employees being distracted!

Now, I bet that you are thinking that this product is going to be too expensive. Well, I am pleased to say that the EasySwipe is extremely affordable, at $125 plus tax! Included is a one year warranty, with special extended warranties available for a small extra cost.

With our product, your boards won't just be clean. They'll be EasySwipe clean!



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