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Organizational Behaviour

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1. Compare the behavior of the people working in runway when Miranda priestly is around and not around

There were certain rules in the Runway building that were not written down, but that everyone knew of. Certain things that were done a certain way and that yielded certain punishments if not completed. Rules that made people fret and worry because they could never be sure if the components were the same today as they had been yesterday. That's why a glass of still water had the ability to induce a state of paranoia amongst the staff. What if it should be sparkling? It was sparkling yesterday. Occasionally someone would mumble to themselves during the morning frenzy, bloody rules should be written down. But then that was besides the point. They weren't just rules. And so if they were written down, set in stone, they wouldn't be Miranda Law. From the moment Miranda Priestly had entered the Runway building as editor in chief of the magazine, she turned the whole place on its head, and even now some ten years later, people were not quite sure where they were supposed to slot back into. People who could normally blend into the background unnoticed were singled out by Miranda for some scathing remark or flippantly uttered criticism, and people who were normally top dogs and confidently walked the corridors with an air of superiority suddenly found themselves on the other side of the coin, unnoticed except for the occasional 'Miranda' glare. Some people found this new phenomenon appealing: the people at the bottom were no longer alone. Everyone joined them, because there was only room for one person at the top, and that was Miranda Priestly. That was the basic foundation of Miranda Law.

2. Why do you think Andy walked out on Miranda and gave up her job that "a million girls would kill for" what are her needs that you think were not met that made her resign\

3. What type of manager was Miranda? Site an example/proof

Compare Miranda has a very strong non-affirming communicator image. Her interaction styles are, dramatic, dominant and contentious. She shows her dramatic style, which is either under exaggerating something, or over exaggerating it, when she calls Andy up late one evening needing a flight from Miami to New York. Andy informs her that there is a hurricane and that is why her flight is cancelled. Miranda answers; "Please,



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